Shore power

Martin Linge Bravo will have the lowest possible CO2-emission (Emission to air). This will happen by supplying clean electric power from the Norwegian electrical grid via the Martin Linge production platform.

A static frequency converter is installed that will allow the platform to supply to the vessel 11kV 50Hz. On board, the voltage and frequency will be converted to match the ship’s electrical system of 6,6kV 60Hz.

The vessel has a small process plant for the produced oil, mainly a separation process of oil and water.

Completed the commissioning and testing

Martin Linge B will store the oil on board for subsequent offloading. The water will be pumped back to the platform, where it will be reinjected into the reservoir.

In February ABB completed the commissioning and testing of the Shore Power system, and the vessel is currently using shore power.

During off-loading the existing shaft generators will be used to supply the cargo pumps. This is due to a power-limitation from the platform.