KBAL® – Knutsen ballast water treatment technology

The idea of Knutsen ballast water treatment technology, KBAL, started already in 2005 and is based on KVOC technology that the Knutsen Group has developed and patented.

The company Knutsen Ballast Vann AS, was founded in June 2009 and aims to own, operate and develop patents and enterprises for technological solutions, like KBAL, for management and treatment of ballast water.

In 2009 a small scale test gave promising treatment results and during 2010, successful tests were performed at our own testing facility in Haugesund. Based on this, IMO qualification testing was conducted at the NIVA facilities in Norway late 2010/ early 2011, and the robustness of the system proven by surpassing the IMO-D2 standards by five-fold. Then followed the installment of a full scale KBAL system on M/T Gijon Knutsen in June 2011. The tests done on M/T Gijon Knutsen also proved to be very successful and this full scale KBAL is now operating on M/T Gijon Knutsen with good results.

Based on the above mentioned prototype tests, the Type Approval certificate was received on November 2012 Type Approval certificate, the first commercial installations are now being delivered to three shuttle tankers presently built at Hyundai Heavy Industries. These KBAL deliveries comprise three BWTS systems of 3000 m3/h, KBAL 3000.

The Knutsen’s ballast water treatment system is probably the most efficient and user friendly BWTS available on the market. Due to the highly effective and compact pressure vacuum reactor, the system does not need any filters nor chemicals, hence a minimum foot print is ensured.

The pressure vacuum reactor working in combination with a vertical ballast water drop line, ensures a low temperature boiling condition that eliminates the majority of the organisms. Any remaining bacteria are effectively eliminated by the UV Chamber mounted down steam on the pressure vacuum reactor.

The working principles of the system is based on knowledge gained during the development of another successful Knutsen product, the proven KVOC technology.

Main keypoint of KBAL®

Easy installation

The KBAL system consists of a limited number of parts. The main component is the compact pressure vacuum reactor. KBAL does not contain any complex system of filters hence the footprint is minimal. The installation is easily performed.

Easy operation

KBAL can be used during ballasting, during voyage (circulating) and/or during de-ballasting. KBAL is a unique system with this kind of flexibility. The system is simple and runs fully automatically.

Easy maintenance

The KBAL system does not use any filters. This implies less maintenance, less spare parts onboard and no risk of clogging. No chemicals are used; this implies no risk for than coating and structures and no need for keeping a stock of neutralizers onboard.

Shore power

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