Hanne Knutsen has arrived the Martin Linge field

On Saturday 25th of August, Hanne Knutsen finally sat course from Aibel offshore yard on Risøy, to the Martin Linge field. Just before midnight the same day she arrived her new “home”, ready for connection and further startup.

– The connection went according to plan. We had to wait a bit because of the weather, but no big delays, says Bjørn Hagland Hansen, Project Manager KNOT – Martin Linge FSO.

The next weeks there will be a hook-up work to prepare the boat to do its tasks as a Floating Storage and Offloading vessel (FSO).

Advanced processing

There will be an advanced processing of oil in Hanne Knutsen. Her main task will be to store oil collected from the platform, before the oil is transported onshore by shuttle tankers.

– During October and November, all will be ready for the tasks Hanne Knutsen is set to do, says Hagland Hansen.

Norwegian crew

The crew works in shifts, with more than 50 employees on board the ship. The officers are mainly recruited from within Knutsen. The ship now sails under Norwegian flag, with a Norwegian crew.

Hanne Knutsen is going to operate on Martin Linge field for a minimum of 8 years.