Shipping is being subjected to ever-stricter environmental and safety requirements, and Knutsen have the objectives concerning a high quality of the operation of the vessels. The fleet consists of modern vessels of high technical standards.

Knutsen places considerable emphasis on safety and quality control, and strict requirements are put on safety and operation of the vessels. Knutsen has established overall guidelines to ensure that:

  • The Knutsen activities shall be executed professionally and in accordance with national and international rules and regulations as well as internal and external standards and proactive actions shall be taken to avoid injuries, loss of life and material damages.
  • The Knutsen operations shall be planned and attention shall be made on executing activities and operations so that the environmental consequences are minimized.
  • The Knutsen HSSE & QA system, is in accordance with international requirements and standards, and the company maintains all necessary certificates for its operation of activities. Knutsen OAS Shipping AS has ISM certification from several flag-states and is further certified according to the international standards; ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

Knutsen has an active approach regarding implementation of technology for reducing emissions to water and air.

The Health Safety and Environmental Policy of Knutsen OAS Shipping is as follows;

KOAS is committed to continuously strive for a safe working environment for all employees so that no personnel, visitors and others are injured or harmed during their employment or activities engaged by Knutsen OAS Shipping.

 KOAS is committed to deliver environmentally friendly services and products at a level of Quality, Health and Safety that complies with the requirements of our HSE&QA Management System, international & statutory regulations and meets or exceeds our contractual and legal obligations.                                                                     

KOAS is committed to maintain comprehensive environmental management system; The system shall ensure that environmental objectives, requirements and considerations are integrated elements of the total activities of the Company. Further, it shall be ensured that the Company and vessel activities are planned, executed, verified, reported and analysed in a consistent and systematic manner and in compliance with legal and other requirements that the Company and vessels are subject to.

Our vision is 0 – ZERO – accidents and/or incidents, meaning:

  • 0 personnel injuries
  • 0 work related illnesses
  • 0 spills to the environment
  • 0 material damages

 To achieve our commitment, Knutsen OAS Shipping AS shall: 

  • Raise the competence of our employees through training and career development.
  • Employ qualified and trained personnel.
  • Meet or exceed all applicable laws and standards in all our operations.
  • Identify risk, establish safeguards, including being prepared for any emergency and plan all operation based on experience and shared knowledge.
  • Have an environmental program including continuous improvement of our effort to minimize the impact on the environment
  • Use well-maintained equipment and safe and effective procedures.