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QA policy

Knutsen aims to deliver services and products at a level of Quality that complies with the requirements of our QA Management System and meets or exceeds contractual and legal obligations and achieve and maintain a level of quality which enhances the Company’s reputation with customers.

The objectives of the Quality Assurance System are:

  • Strict compliance of the company’s services with international, national, and corporate standards and requirements.
  • To achieve the required level of Quality we shall employ qualified and trained personnel, adequate technology and effective procedures.
  • All activities shall be planned, executed, verified and corrected in order to continuously improve the quality of our services and products
  • Develop a full understanding of the needs of our customers.
  • Work in close co-operation with clients, customers, suppliers and sub-contractors to provide the right quality work and service, first time.
  • Actively seek customer feedback and to use this as a format for continuous assessment and improvement.
  • Report and investigate all deficiencies and non conformities towards Knutsen QA System, customer complaints, regulations and contractual and legal obligations.
  • Continuous monitoring of complaints and claims from customers and aim to maintain these at zero.
  • Carry out periodic Audits of suppliers and manning agencies to ensure compliance with Knutsen quality and safety requirements as well as regulations.
  • Effective control mechanisms, including audits and reviews are established to objectively evaluate the adequacy of the Company Safety Management System.
  • Reduce waste, loss and environmental pollution by implementing measures as stated in Knutsen Environmental Plan.
  • Carry out all our activities within our environmental policy guidelines, thus helping to ensure a sustainable environment for the benefit of the community
  • Continuously identify improvements to existing working practices

Achievement of these policy aims involves all personnel, who each are individually responsible for the quality of their work, resulting in a continually improving quality environmental performance.