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Drug & Alcohol policy

Company Policy on the prevention of abuse of alcohol, drugs and narcotics presents guidelines to all Company employees on how to relate to alcohol and narcotics, both when in service and during leisure-time onboard.


  •  It is strictly prohibited to bring onboard and to consume alcohol on all vessels in Knutsen OAS Shipping AS.
  • Alcohol may be consumed during shore leave; however the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) shall not exceed 0.020 BAC (%) equally 0,2 permille (‰) on return to the vessel. No alcohol shall be consumed less than 8 hours before schedule start of work.
  • Smuggling of alcohol onboard is strictly prohibited and shall be reported to the Company.
  • Any illicit use or abuse of narcotics and drugs are strictly prohibited for all Company employees as long as the employee is in Company service.
  • It is strictly prohibited to keep or to sell/distribute narcotics and drugs. This ban also includes distribution and sale of legal drugs (prescription drugs or non-prescription drugs).
  • Abuse of alcohol during periods of travelling to ships, or when representing the Company, causing socially unacceptable behaviour and damage to Company reputation, is prohibited and may result in disciplinary and other action by the Company.


Upon demand from the Company, Operators and the Authorities, and in order to uncover any abuse and illegal use of alcohol, drugs and narcotics, testing of Ship’s Officers and Ratings may take place. Such testing shall be carried out in accordance with Company Procedures.

The above Policy also applies to all persons following the vessel.